Fabric Face LED Light Box


We offer 5 basic models of changeable graphic LED Light Box at maximum sizes of up to 50m x 3m!:

Single Sided Units

27mm Using an ultra-slim aluminium extrusion, we are able to illuminate either printed or unprinted fabrics at just a 27mm depth using our Technic LED Lightpanel. This offers a smart, slimline unit, perfect for offices and reception areas.
Available in a maximum size of 2400mm x 1400mm.

65mm This is our most popular product. Using a 65mm aluminium extrusion this is the perfect depth for not being to thick, but not too slim. The fabric, is illuminated using LED back lighting which offers homogenous illumination throughout the face.

100mm This delivers even as well as long lasting illumination, using an off the shelf aluminium extrusion, these can be offered on a quick turnaround at cost effective prices. Ideal for the larger boxes where a chunkier unit is preferred. Priced below as wall mounted, these can also become free standing using our aluminium feet (priced separately).

Double Sided Units

60mm Using a slimline double sided extrusion, capable of holding a dual fabric, this unit is ideal for hanging in retail environments and offices.

120mm Using a 120mm double sided extrusion, lensed LED modules around the edges offer homogenous illumination throughout, illuminating with ease both sides of the unit. Mainly used as floor standing (priced for as below) this unit can also be priced as hanging, where eyelets are fixed to the extrusion, ready for on-site fitting.

See below our standard range of sizes and prices:

Code Depth
FLED-A3 £96.14 £81.03 £78.80 £81.03 £78.80
FLED-A2 £145.77 £123.37 £117.98 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-A1 £212.90 £209.23 £183.78 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-A0 £350.35 £356.73 £290.86 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-1 x 1m £314.20 £327.12 £273.80 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-1.5 x 1.5m £692.75 £652.86 £512.91 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-1 x 2m £558.35 £598.80 £478.84 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-1 x 3m £802.51 £870.48 £683.88 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-2 x 2m NA £1,086.72 £820.16 £123.37 £117.98
FLED-2 x 3m NA £1,574.64 £1,161.48 £123.37 £117.98

Pricing excludes, digitally printed graphic, VAT & Delivery charges.

*Power supply not included as standard with 24mm model

For larger quantities or more information call or email us at Info@lightboxdirect.com

We also provide a comprehensive printing service for backlit tension fabrics with stitched silicon bead.

Fabric Face LED Light Box Example Projects

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