Acrylic LED Light Box


We offer 3 basic models of changeable graphic LED Light Box:

40mm The attractive low depth is achieved via our 10mm Technic LED Light Panel forming the core of the light box. The face and returns are then bonded from 5mm acrylic which offers an easy process when changing your graphic.

65mm Our most popular model, the 65mm acrylic light box is powered by LED backlighting for a real punch of clean white light to images. With the face and returns bonded from 5mm acrylic, the finishing quality and durability of this product is impressive.

100mm This delivers even as well as long lasting illumination, using an off the shelf aluminium extrusion, these can be offered on a quick turnaround at cost effective prices. Ideal for the larger boxes where a complete unit is preferred. Priced below as wall mounted, these can also become free standing using our aluminium feet.

See below our standard range of sizes and prices:

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We also provide a comprehensive next day printing service for backlit graphics.

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Acrylic LED Light Box Example Projects

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