LED Light Panel


Designed and manufactured in the UK our LED Light Panel combines unique engraving patterns with powerful LEDs to produce bright, even illumination across the entire panel. Available in 3000k (warm white), 4100k (neutral), 6500k (cool white). Dimming and DMX control is possible with the correct interface. Common applications include POS, Retail, Architectural Lighting, Signs & Displays.

Our three standard models include:

10mm Technic LED Light Panel: This is our standard Light Panel for slim applications.:

14mm Ultra LED Light Panel: This features a more robust construction backed up with 3mm aluminium composite, high output LEDs and thicker heat sync.

Matrix LED Light Panel: This product uses back lighting rather than edgelighting. To provide a diffused effect a void of 120mm is required. This results in a highly effecient, powerful and cost effective LED solution.

See below our standard range of sizes and prices.

Code Technic Light Panel
Ultra Light Panel
Matrix Light Panel
LPLED-A3 £61.08 £98.40 £26.58
LPLED-A2 £100.81 £136.72 £46.14
LPLED-A1 £151.01 £196.77 £83.22
LPLED-A0 £264.47 £276.39 £154.08
LPLED-0.5 x 1m £163.14 £243.28 £73.66
LPLED-1 x 1m £233.56 £302.58 £140.12
LPLED-1 x 2m £437.39 £552.12 £273.04
LPLED-1 x 3m £641.23 £821.43 £405.96
LPLED-1.5 x 1.5m £531.47 £745.94 £304.47
LPLED-2 x 2m NA £1,089.26 £531.68
LPLED-2 x 3m NA £1,386.19 £790.32

See below our standard range of transformer and control gear prices:
Code Description Price
ECP-12 12 Watt Transformer £12.00
ECP-24 24 Watt Transformer £12.00
LPV-35 35 Watt Transformer £20.00
HLG-60 60 Watt Transformer £47.20
HLG-100 100 Watt Transformer £71.92
HLG-240 240 Watt Transformer £100.80
HLG-320 320 Watt Transformer £157.60
SP-500 500 Watt Transformer £238.80
RSP-750 750 Watt Transformer £388.40
RSP-1500 1500 Watt Transformer £417.60
RSP-2400 2400 Watt Transformer £628.12
DMX-DIM 5 channel, 20 amp DMX decoder £55.00
DMX-U6 512 channel DMX controller £360.00
DMX-U8 6,144 channel DMX controller £840.00
Pricing excludes VAT & Delivery charges. For larger quantities or more information call or email us at Info@lightboxdirect.com

We also provide a comprehensive next day printing service for backlit graphics.

LED Light Panel Example Projects

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